At the Lil Whale Company, our mission is to create a world where cuteness knows no bounds! We dream of a place where every heart is filled with joy and every smile is as bright as the sun. Our mission is to sprinkle a little extra magic into every day with our personalized kawaii creations. From whimsical accessories and apparel to enchanting home decor, we're here to turn your dreams into adorable reality! With a splash of creativity, a sprinkle of charm, and a whole lot of love, we're making the world a sweeter, happier place, one custom creation at a time. Welcome to our world of wonders, where everything's whale-y cute!


Discover our super cute t-shirts! With kawaii characters, precious pets, adorable dogs, cuddly cats, and more, each shirt is a bundle of joy. Whether you're into funny or just plain cute, our designs are sure to steal your heart and make you smile!



Snuggle up in style with our kawaii characters, lovable pets, playful dogs, cuddly cats, and so much more. Whether you're looking for something funny or simply sweet, our sweatshirts are the perfect blend of comfort and cuteness. Embrace warmth and charm with our irresistibly adorable designs!



Sip in style with our utterly adorable mugs! Each mug boasts a charming selection of kawaii characters, lovable pets, playful dogs, cuddly cats, and more. Whether you're starting your day with a smile or enjoying a cozy evening, our mugs add an extra dash of cuteness to your favorite beverages. Choose from funny or simply sweet designs and let every sip be a delightful moment of joy!


If there is something that you don't see in our store, but would like us to make it for you or design you a specific order, feel free to contact us at custom@lilwhaleco.com